Performance and growth requires clarity, focus and a great team

Our clients need insight and direction; guidance on achieving optimum performance; to be led into new markets and coached on how to win profitable business. We provide expert consulting to make sure they succeed.

Sector Business Strategy       Sales & Marketing Effectiveness      Market Making/Opportunity Shaping       Bid Direction


Sector Business Strategy 

The UK Public Sector market has evoloved and is likely to change considerably over the coming three years. Change will present challenges as well as opportunity but it is clear all organisations will need to adapt to these changing market conditions, transform their existing sales and operational function and execute more effecitvely and efficienty in order to grow. Irrespective of whether your requirements are to launch a new product; enter a new market or would just like validation on your existing sector strategy, PFC can support you by utilising our expert consulting in the development of a conprehensive and insightful growth strategy.

Irrespective of what type of engagement and help required we follow a comprehensive business validated methodology that seeks to advise on three critical elements:

  • Your organisational readiness and fit for purpose in doing business with the UK Public Sector
  • Public Sector market size and opportunity based on potential income v's required investment
  • A detailed plan to be able to implement and execute the defined business strategy

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Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

A buisness strategy can only be effective so long as you have a sales and marketing function that is appropriately skilled, organised and constructed with the appropirate processes and mechanics that enable it to execute. PFC provide a porfolio of services based on industry best practices that can help organisations in the following areas:

  • Sales force effectiveness - provision of sales training, opportunitiy qualification and management, KPI identification and implementation
  • Channel optimisation - partner identification and management 
  • Marketing optimisation - brand and offer defiintion, social media strategy and implementation, PR
  • Offer definition - branding,positioning and promotional strategy, pricing strategy, delivery model

Market Making & Opportunity Shaping 

The identification and business development of new markets - "white spaces" – and transformational opportunities has never been greater. But the skills and experience to execute are currently outside of your organisation's reach?.  If you face this challenge we are able to support you either on a short term or long term basis. We can scale our support depending on the size, complexity and shape of the opportunity. Our preferred method of engagement is to be involved early and take accountability for the overall success of any pursuit. 

In today's market of hyper-competition the stakes are high and the margins for error small. We are confident the engagement of PFC will dramatically increase your chance of success. It is also important to consider the following:

  • We come as a team who have all successfully worked together on previous opportunities and have significant win credentials.
  • We all have broad and deep experience in our chosen industry sectors and deep technical expertise and skills
  • Performance focused – we are only successful if you are and happy to contract on that basis!
  • We are a flexible resource with no long term commitments and implications 

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Bid Direction and Management

In market conditons of fewer opportunties and greater competition an organisation's ability to submit a quality proposal has become a key competitive differentiator. A common misunderstanding is the value and role performed by a Bid Director compared to bid management activities. Bid management is focused on internal compliance and generating a proposal to submit. Bid direction is focused on ensuring the submition of a winning proposal.  

We are highly experienced in the performance of bid direction and bring proven methodologies that can be adapted to ensure all organisations submit winning proposals. When we are engaged we ensure the following three outcomes:

1. Highest quality/scoring proposal is submitted
2. Produced at the lowest possible cost point
3. Mitigation of organisational financial / commercial exposure

Our preferrred way of working is to be part of the core team filling key roles. We can take on the ownership of bid director or act as an advisor and sounding board for the nominated person. Irrespective we will bring our wealth of knowledge and experience.

When is the right time to engage us? Too often organisations engage our services when bid costs have overun and the bid team are in "crisis mode". Opportunties are won long before any formal procurement commences. Please contact us to learn how we can help.