ESMCP target operating model announced

ESMCP target operating model announced

As forecasted in my article ESMCP commercial model to be announced soon the Emergency Services Mobile Communications programme have announced today their commercial and target operating model to enable them to commence a public sector procurement.

As predicted the model has been simplified and is now formed of two primary service towers: one covering Network Services and one covering the procurement of a Delivery Partner.

The ESMCP annoucement communicates that market engagement will now effectively sub-divide into two parallel workstreams focusing on these distinct areas of capability.The programme also advises that potential suppliers should be clear which of the two work streams they wish to participate in narrowing down down the engagement from the 270+ interested suppliers who participated at the July event.

ESMCP will be holding conference calls to brief further on these changes. Interested parties should log onto the GPS sourcing portal by 10 am tomorrow. 

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ESMCP commercial model to be announced soon
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