GCloud spend breakdown by numbers

GCloud spend breakdown by numbers

Spend by GCloud amounts to circa £18m to date. In the spirit of transparency the Cabinet Office release data related to this spend at GCloud sales information. An interesting analysis and breakdown of this spend has been conducted by Andy Powell who is head of research at Eduserv.

Andy Powell's analysis can be found at this site. He concludes the following:

  1. Individual transactions remain small... we're seeing more of them but I think we need to see them grow in size as well as growing in number before we can really say that G-Cloud has been a success.
  2. The bulk of the spending is on specialist services (consultancy) rather than IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.
  3. In the IaaS space, the Cabinet Office are far and away the biggest consumer of services. It's good to see them leading from the front!
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