• Sector Business Strategy Development

    Hope is not a business strategy. Adapting to the challenging Public Sector environment and implementing a validated plan is required for improved business growth and performance. Contact us to learn how we can shape your business strategy.
  • Deep insight and knowledge of the Public Sector

    Experts with proven success in helping organisations engage and contract with Public Sector departments and agencies.
  • Bid Direction & Management

    Submission of a quality proposal in the Public Sector is a key competitive differentiator. In a hyper-competitive market with less opportunities, why take chances? We provide quality bid direction, agile project management and assurance to win.
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Performance Focused Consulting

We enable organisations in their chosen markets to increase performance and accelerate profitable growth. We provide our services into all industry verticals but our specialism is the UK Public Sector and Technology/Service organisations.

The UK Public Sector market, worth an estimated £300bn, can be an attractive as well as a challenging market segment. But it is a market that is rapidly evolving characterised by incumbent supplier disruption, new market opportunity and an openess towards SMEs, innovative technology and services. Our client's are motivated by growth and have ambitious plans. But face similar challenges in the pursuit of their ambitions. 

Do you recongise any of the following business challenges in your organisation? Contact us to learn how we can help.

"We recognise entry into the public sector market should play a larger role in our business but we struggle with the who, what and the how."

 Innovative technology SME

"Changing procurement dynamics pose a potential threat to our existing business. Income and profit figures have declined. How do we respond and adapt?"

Tier 1 IT Outsourcing supplier

"Evovling market sector dynamics present new opportunities but how do we mobilise and ensure success in this new market segment."

Cloud SaaS technology supplier

Who we are

PFC are a group of highly experienced executives who together have over eighty years of Public Sector experience. Amongst us we have held senior executive positions within UK government and the Technology and Services sector.

Jointly we are experienced in the disciplines of strategy formation, sales and marketing effectiveness, bid direction, government procurement practices and commercials.

We also have access to an experienced associate network. Our associates include subject matter experts across operational areas of government and senior ex-civil servants.

What we do

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  • Sales & Marketing effectiveness >

  • Market & Opportunity Shaping >

  • Bid Direction & Management >

  • G-Cloud qualification and exploitation >

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